Ade Dream came into fruition shortly after our son Pierce was born, and we struggled to find baby accessories that fully captured our family’s African heritage. 

We were gifted with several African baby accessories and we loved our Gambian baby accessories so much that we were inspired to create a line of our own that made these bold, attractive products available to people everywhere.

the name Ade Dream (pronounced Ah-day Dream) was inspired from Pierce's middle name which was given to him by one of our favorite uncles. Ade Dream offers a line of unique and vibrant tote bags, bib necklaces, adult backpacks, and children’s backpacks. Our authentic African fabrics are handpicked and hand made by one of The Gambia's finest tailors. 

We felt it was important to honor the beautiful country these bags are from by giving back to the community. A portion of the proceeds from the bags will help children in The Gambia pursue their education.