Where Are They Now


After graduating with commendable results in 2016, Sophia decided to spend a year and a half abroad in Senegal to study French as a foreign language at the Institut Biblique et Théologique Sénégalais. She believes learning a new language and the experiences she gained while in Senegal will be valuable in her pursuit to study international relations in the future.

Upon her return to Gambia, Sophia has volunteered as a data entry clerk at the Ahmed Health Center in her local community. In 2020, she also engaged in a small food catering service, making snacks and appetizers for receptions, birthdays, and cocktail parties. However, she had to suspend her small business after a few months following the emergency lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This did not discourage Sophia from pushing forward with her goals. During this challenging time, she turned to her skills and passion for sewing, making face masks, head bands, bowties, and other garments like dresses, shirts, and skirts for sale. She is currently training as an apprentice in a dressmaking workshop for a popular female Gambian designer.

Sophia believes that as she develops multiple skills, this will empower her as a young adult to create better financial stability and give her the opportunity to pursue her ambitions. We look forward with great expectancy to where Sophia’s career path would lead her next!