Where Are They Now

Fatima successfully graduated in 2018 with impressive results. She continued her education at the American International University West Africa (AIUWA) in The Gambia, where she is studying a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance which she hopes to complete by 2022.  

Fatima’s passion for business and entrepreneurship led her to create a modest modelling agency called ‘Team Modest Modelling Agency’. This agency, which is the first of its kind in Gambia, promotes the wearing of fashion without indecent body exposure, particularly suited for people who wear hijab. She has been able to network with popular Gambian designers whose work she showcased during her agency’s fashion show launching in November 2019.

In October 2020, Fatima was presented with an opportunity, and represented Gambia at the second season of the ‘BigSister’ empowerment show in Sierra Leone. This show included 35 women from 11 countries. Through this show, Fatima was able to create networks with people from different backgrounds which she believes will help her in promoting her agency in other countries and organize fashion collaborations. As an up-and-coming entrepreneur, Fatima also does printing of personalized t-shirts, mugs and other items, and has participated in a number of youth empowerment workshops aimed at developing creative skills and business mind-sets.  

From her accomplishments so far, it is evident that there is no challenge too great for Fatima to undertake, and we are hopeful for the next chapter of her success story.